Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have wanted a blog for several years now to share some of the day to day fun of living with Shetlands. These little sheep are so much a part of my life I cannot imagine a day without them.
Today its a hot one and the sheep are sensibly resting in the shade of guessed it, an Oak tree! Well, ok, they also like to lay under the pines and the cottonwoods. This year we have a bumper crop of lambs dressed in soft black fleeces so I am very happy to see them in the shade.

This morning while it was cool I did some yummy work in the garden pulling up stuff that had gone to seed. The lambs, rams and moms all got a share of the loot. Leeks, kale and overgrown cucumber plants were eagerly inspected for possible edibles. Alas, a snuggle from one of the moms out by the pond came with onion breath!

I will close this first blog addition with an invitation to come back soon! I will try to add a little humor to your day with antics of short sheep, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Japanese chickens and the Dorkies. Wonder what a Dorkie is? Come back soon!


  1. Hi, Marybeth!

    I'm so glad to see that you've joined us in the land of Blogs... ;-)

    I'll post a link to your blog on my blogroll and you'll have lots of loyal followers in NO time!

    Can't wait to follow the antics of the gang at Shady Oaks...

  2. It's about time, Marybeth! I've been looking forward to seeing you here and am so glad you (finally) made the leap. :)
    I'll be sure to bookmark you. (I think of you every time I go through Sedona...)

  3. Welcome to Blogland, Marybeth! I hope you find you like this activity as much as the rest of us do. It'll be nice to see your sheep outside of BSG and OFFF.