Sunday, March 7, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding!

Maggie followed Charity with  the elan of an overachiever.  She popped out three flashy little kids, two handsome bucklings and a precious doeling the DH has already named Cricket because she loves to hop into his lap for loves.  Yes my George is a goat guy, he loves his little Nigies and they love him right back. 

Maggie was more than her normal wide-as-can-be and my Goat Guru,  Debbie assured me that triplets at the very least were perking in that vast tummy. This picture was taken about 11 days before the blessed event took place.  Not only deep but wide as well!

 Maggie came through with flying colors once again blessing us with babies that have her stylish stance and dairy character.  She enjoys the special jug made for her in the hay room complete with heat lamp for her kids and her very own hay and grain (not that she is THAT good at sharing anyway!).  

The little family got out today into Maggie's palace.  She has a calftel with heat lamp and fresh bedding.  Tomorrow we will add toys for the little ones to play on.    It would be great photo ops but they move to darn fast!   They had a lovely play time and then moved inside under the heat lamp for a snooze.

Then it was off to the races!  Sideways skitters and leaps into the air!  With tiny springs in their feet the kids feel just how good it is to run and jump in the real world.   Mom is probably happy they are outside to play too <>>>

The two second freshener does are due on the 18th or a bit sooner.  They are only partially amused by the antics of Maggies trio of fun.  They look a bit dubious don't they?   Perhaps they are remembering their kids from last year and how much trouble they could get into.
It should be a very bounciful summer around here!

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