Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rams seeking new employment!

Shady Oaks has several exceptional rams for sale this year.  The ram flock started out with a lot more members-these boys have made the cut and are ready to go to work. There are several different fleece types and colors to choose from.  All are structurally sound and they are gentlemen.  Several diverse bloodlines are available in these boys-we have Fletcher, Stonehaven, AI and our own premium genetics available.   Take a look at these photos and if you would like additional information please drop me an email.  These lads are scheduled to take a business trip to Oregon Flock and Fiber.  If you want first pick or to place a reserve an any of them let me know.
 Hmmm maybe we should do this in a calendar format?    

Ok...Mr January would have to be Shady Oaks Gabriel.  He is out of our lovely white spotted ewe Glynnis and the chocolate Toblerone.  Toby had a purled fleece, unusual in the Shetland, Glynnis is consistantly crimpy, lustrous and very fine.  Gabriel's fleece is primitive but silky soft and lustrous and it's a scrumptious color!

Next would have to be Mr. February;  Shady Oaks Atlas.   Atlas is Sired by Shady Oaks Liam a spotted ram who carries Greyling, Holly and Minder A.I. along with old Dailley lines.   His mom, Crystal Dawn Azure is old Dailley with a lustruous blue grey fleece.  Atlas is a fawn with luster, softness and length in his fleece.  He very correct in every way

Now on to Mr. March!  Shady Oaks Tristan will be our selection for Mr. March.   He is out of Fletcher Calla who has a super soft crimpy fleece and carries spotting genetics.  He also carries spotting genetics and fine crimpy fleece from is sire Liam.   Tristan is a small stature ram with beautiful big eyes and a yummy soft fleece.   He has a clean belly so hand shearing him is a breeze!   This clean belly trait is one that Fletcher's have a particular fondness for as they hand shear a lot of their flock.  

Mr.April will be Sweet Annie's Rain, a rich moorit A.I. ram with excellent conformation, a crimpy dark moorit fleece and beautiful horns. 

He is sired by Whistlestop Son of Brent and is out of our lovely Gypsy Rose a white and carmel flecket ewe.  Rose carries Aberdeen our foundation sire and Shady Oaks Greta (she has produced numerous fleckets, HST's and spots.)

Sacred Lily Ford will be Mr. May and he is a striking fellow!    His sire was Stonehaven Robin Goodfellow and he is out of Maple Ridge Jalil.   This boy carries a LOT of Maple Ridge genetics which we don't see very often out west.  He is correct, handsome and sweet.  He would make a substantial genetic contribution to any flock!

These boys will be at Flock and Fiber unless otherwise occupied.    Our next blog entry will be the ladies of Shady Oaks who have expressed an interest in traveling and meeting new friends.
Call or email me for additional information on any stock that strikes your fancy!

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