Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Sheeply Ladies Seeking New Opportunities!

This year we have added several new bloodlines to our Ewe flock  in order to continue moving forward genetically.  This of course means that some of our mature girls must go out into the world to seek new employment.  It is never an easy decision to decide who stays and who goes.  Sometimes a ewe's offspring will replace her in the ewe line up or perhaps there are too many girls of a particular bloodline to keep the Shady Oaks gentlemen gainfully employed.   In any case these girls have made a significant genetic contribution to our flock and they can do the same for you. 

Shady Oaks Giselle is a moorit sired by Fletcher Kurt and out of Shady Oaks Allegra.  Allegra was Champion and Reserve Champion at State Fair in consecutive years.  She is from our 'musical' line which has produced numerous Champions over the years.
Giselle is 5 years old, in her prime and has her bags packed for a new adventure.  The photo on the left was taken in January 2009 prior to shearing. The photo to the right was taken in August 2009.  Her fleece is honey colored on the outside and dark on the inside.  Fleece samples are available from this shearing.

Sizemore Gale is a friendly 7 year old and has produced numerous Champion offspring for her breeder, Susie Sizemore.  We acquired her last year and she produced two very correct twin ewe lambs for us out of Shady Oaks Spats.  She is sired by Cochran Rolex who was also an influential sire in our flock, again, we  have to move on genetically and so we are offering her for sale.   She puts terrific structure on her lambs!  She has an intermediate fleece with good length and density.

Shady Oaks Aileen is reluctantly offered for sale-she has had a brilliant show career and is a favorite of the DH.  Aileen was almost Best in Show Ewe at Oregon Flock and Fiber as a ewe lamb and again as a yearling.   (Darn that Border Leiscester ewe anyway!)  She is a prodigous wool producer, she is spotted and carries A.I. through her dad Liam and old Dailley through her mom, Crystal Dawn Pepsi.  Her fleece is very primitive, intermediate and a lonnnnnnggggg staple length.  This is rather a mystery since Liam is a superfine highly crimped boy and Pepsi has a silky smooth very fine lusterous fleece of moderate length.   Aileen's daughter Tivoli is has her grandmother's soft fine fleece and her mothers incredible fleece length.  She will be staying in the flock for the time being.  Aileen is a very special girl, incredible structure, milkiness and loads of personality.   She will only go to a very special home.
Aileen as a lamb winning Division III Championship at OFFF and as part of the winning team of the Black Sheep Cup.
Shady Oaks Trifle is a yearling out of Chocolate Chip and Liam.   Her fleece is fine, She is very correct and will be an excellent addition to anyone's flock.   She is excited about meeting a nice fellow for fun and a possible long term relationship.   A very sweet country girl from a good family.
Shady Oaks Cookie is Trifle's twin sister.  Her fleece is equally lustrous and fine but she is a pale grey.    We will likely retain one of these girls and also Chip's daughter from this year, Tiramisu who is chocolate brown (same mom and dad-three different colors of offspring!)
Little girls from this year are Elise, Elena, Gillian, Clover and Anya!    All are very dark, some with white sprizzles that may indicate Shaela.  Clover especially since her mother Willow is a gorgeous shaela.
A couple have soft but intermediate fleeces, the others are more to the fine end of the scale.  All have good length, rich color and correct conformation.   They will also be at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. 
This is Elena      
And her twin sister Elise! Both of these girls have incredible toplines!

Gillian has white inside her ears and a few white sprizzles-she may be shaela at her second shear.  The same is true of Clover.  Anya has an intermediate long fleece with super color saturation.   They are all sweet and curious.  They said to tell all of you that they are particularly fond of the "sea creatures' animal cracker and in the shell peanuts.  "Come and visit and bring treats"


  1. Oh, these girls are SO lovely. Having seen them in person I can say so with no reservations. I want them ALL Marybeth. Will you talk to Jim for me?

  2. I just saw this blog in passing and I'm glad I visited it! You have lovely shetlands but I couldn't help but see that gorgeous Icelandic ewe!

    I've lived with and grew up with Icelandics my entire life and I must say she is stunning! What lovely double coated fleece! I bet the under coat spins up just lovely! Is "Aileen" still available?

    Many thanks!
    Erinn in South Dakota