Friday, August 14, 2009

Short Goats Too!

Meet Lilac and Daphne, the first babies of the Elfin Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goat Herd. This is a 'subsidiary' of the Shady Oaks venture.
George is the 'goat guy' and he LOVES his little goats. The little herd started with one and now there are four adults: Fabio, Maggie, Lilac and Daphne. And the new arrivals, Poppy, Ritamae, Violet and Enzo.
Yes, we will have to sell a few at some point but right now we are enjoying the antics of the babies as they play on George's "Goat enrichment center". (Not to worry, the sheep have one too-can't show favoritism right?).
The Nigerian Dwarf is a South African Dwarf Goat like the Pygmy but is quite different in many ways. They are fine boned, excellent milkers and have the appearance of a small dairy goat. Their milk is very rich and makes excellent cheese.
We will be showing goats for the first time ever at Lane County Fair next week. Yes, George will be in the show ring with his little darlings. He is convinced they are champion material....he may be right! His youth was spent taking care of a fine herd of Jersey cows and he knows all the 'dairy speak'! Escutcheons and all!
Come visit us at Lane County Fair!

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